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Belief Statement

As Lutheran Christians, our unity is seen when we gather around the Word and Sacraments.

The Bible is a library, a collection of many books by many authors, written in different times and places for different readers. The Bible is God's word, but it isn't the only thing God ever said. We believe Jesus Christ is the Word of God as well, the Word made flesh, made human, to dwell among us. We look to Jesus as the living Word of God to discover even more about who God is and how we are to be God's people. We believe God has more and newer words for us today, as the Living Word is still working in our stories through the Holy Spirit.

Sacraments are the means of graces by which God's love comes to us in a tangible way. They are God's YES to us, the way God brings us into community with God, with one another, and with all the faithful around the world. Baptism is God choosing, claiming and, naming us as God's own, once for all. In Holy Communion God reminds us that God's love is greater than life or death; that nothing can separate us from God's love; that God saves us no matter what. We believe Christ is truly present in this holy meal, so we truly receive Christ and the tangible love of God, bringing forgiveness and new live, when we commune. - Rev. Dr. Phil Ruge-Jones, TLU Professor.

Last Updated: June 23, 2009